Saturday, October 31, 2009

TV: It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

I'm completely going against every peer of mine by saying that I wasn't that much of a fan of Peanuts television specials. I read the comics and my dad used to give me Peanuts' themed birthday cards, but I really didn't like watching the specials. The Thanksgiving dinner made me cringe, I hated the fake adult voice they used (along with the horrible lack of adult supervision) and I felt so bad for Charlie Brown. I thought Lucy and Peppermint Patty were the meanest, Pig Pen made me itch, and while I actually like Snoopy, why is it that the dog gets all the good stuff?

I can actually hear the tirade, people. I understand these are classics. I understand the Schulz and his cartoon were extremely well liked and popular for years, but I don't like the TV specials. I guess if I'm going to be Peanuts, then I'll stick with the short strip.

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