Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Miscellaneous: Costumes

We finally went to our friend's Halloween party last year dressed as hippies. They were last minute costumes, but functional. We'd like to go again this year, but haven't a clue what to be. I still have to make costumes for the kiddos!

So I did a little surfing. There was one site with some very cool costumes, not so many ideas though. WTF Costumes has some really crappy, but also some really cool costumes (some not safe for little kiddos). One of the costumes shown on the site is to the right. Too cute!

I had the kids dress up as the princess and the pea one year when the youngest couldn't walk. I've seen two other girls a few years apart dress up as Miss Clavel and Madeline. A Google search yielded a baby lobster costume...the cute part was that he was in a bucket. Kids have all the great costumes. Got any ideas for us

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jo said...

No ideas here...not that into Halloween to the disappointment of the 10 year old. With no trick or treater's in our neighborhood, given that most houses sit a couple acres or more apart...I usually buy a bit of candy for the family, and we head out to the fall carnival at one of the local schools, but alas, with Halloween on Sat, most schools are canceling their parties hoping for a couple years reprieve from the pandemonium and extra work!

The 10 year old is out of luck this year!