Thursday, October 1, 2009

TV: More New Stuff

The big week came and all the awesome TV shows tried to live up to their awesome status. So what did you think?

It's so sweet of you to let me go first! Another episode of The Biggest Loser has come and gone. What a tearjerker! I swear it isn't about losing weight anymore. It's about turning me into a sobbing puddle of goo. At least it happened at the end after that crazy Tracey woman drove the others to distraction. Boy, is she nuts! Where was karma at her weigh in?

Another episode of Supernatural down. Should have known THAT was coming. I've been waiting for the brother vs brother showdown since the whole demon blood thing started. Now we have Lucifer/Sam against Sword of Michael/Dean. Yeah...

Caught Eastwick. So...I don't know. I'm not with it by any means. It starts very much like the movie only faster. I'm not sure how they're going to carry it into a series with stuff happening so fast. But there is a little bit about Van Horne having been in the town before. That puts something in that was lacking in the movie. Still...I don't know.

Warehouse 13 ended with a bang! I don't like that the bad guy got away nor do I like that some of the warehouse stuff is probably very damaged, but I think Neilsen is alive. The Phoenix medallion sort of disappeared in all the ruckus. I bet he had it in his pocket. The bad thing is the reprecussions of using it. Who's going to die? Oh, and HOLY COW what the heck did they do to Leena? I really liked her and now we won't get to learn more about what she can do. I have to say I still love Lattimer and Claudia. Their personalities make the show.

Heroes was starting to wear on me last season. I was almost afraid to watch. It has been interesting so far. I hate Gretchen, and I can't make out this circus guy or the whole compass thing. So it's a wait and see. What's going to happen to Petrelli when Sylar breaks through? And I really liked Matt, but he was always a hothead. Is he absorbing Sylar or what? (And, yes, I do know Gretchen is in with the circus people.)

Still loving my Fringe and Lie to Me :o)

My takes on Bones, Medium, Numb3rs, CSI and Dollhouse next time. Right now I'm headed off to look up NCIS - I never watch it, but the new one has LL Cool J...hmmm.

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