Friday, August 1, 2008


I've noticed that when I'm really busy I'm too tired at night to remember my dreams. When I'm stressed I have dreams directly related to my stress. May was a stressful month and I ended up having a dream about my boss and her bosses - it was not pretty. This past month I haven't been really stressed nor too tired, but I've been having dreams. Really weird dreams.

If I'm crocheting or surfing the Internet, I sometimes watch the SciFi channel's ridiculous B-movies. I had watched this movie Premonition the night before and dreamt about a plane crash. I knew the plane crash was coming, but didn't know when. For some reason I was at work, but not working. I was walking with my friends from high school (I still keep in contact with). One of them was killed by the crashing plane. I don't know why her in particular although I have some theories. I also think I know why it took place at work.

I had another dream last night. In getting the computer up this morning and counting up the number of pages I've read, I've forgotten the dream. It was another weird one. Anybody out there know how to analyze dreams? I think this appearance of dreams has something to do with having to get back to hard work. Sigh.

Book Update...Starting on June 12, 41 books read = 13,508
Weight Update...Gained another 2 pounds. I don't think it's muscle, but when I get back to work I think I'll start to lose again. Reading books doesn't burn calories.

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