Friday, August 22, 2008

TV: Eureka

Hmmm. Where do I start? If you haven't figured out by now that I like sci fi, then this must be the only post you've read. Eureka, on the Sci Fi channel is one of my faves. The show focuses on a town called Eureka (Wiki link) whose residents are nearly all genius scientists. The arrival of the new sheriff starts the series and it is he who saves the town from the adverse effects of the scientists' creations.
The first exclamation of awe would be caused by the gadgets. They are a geeks dream: sidewalk hover scooters, cars that drive themselves, and a house with artificial intelligence. I mean, the house can be miffed that you're late for a meal and lock you out. Imagine a house like that with highly imaginative teenagers. They'd never destroy the house with a party.

The next giddy "Oooh" has to do with the humor. The scientists never use normal descriptions and Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson) is one of the few non-geniuses. Imagine how he'd react to the science speak. "It's a ray that causes instant death. Why don't you just say death ray?" That sort of sums up his comments. He and another character named Fargo provide most of the funny moments. Here's one more:
Allison (In charge of the company that all the scientists work for and Carter's boss) - "It's not my fault that there are things about yourself that you are just not cleared to know."
Carter - "Yeah, I would hate to find out something about myself that if I told me, I would have to kill me."

The last engaging quality is the plot. There is actually something going on here that underlies each of the wacky disasters. There was an unknown entity, a trusted character going rogue, a deceptive psychologist, and the latest a big brother character who has some secret we don't know about yet. Even each episode leaves you guessing about what is really going on. Just plain fun!

Check it out...Tuesdays, Sci Fi, 9/8C

OMG! I wrote this last week. Yeah, I know, but I do work for a living. Anyway, did you see this week's episode? Holy moly. Can't wait until the season finale (because I know they aren't going to clear up the problem in next week's episode.)

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