Thursday, August 7, 2008

TV: Fall Premieres 2008

There is only one reason that I ever want a summer to end. That is for the fall premieres of my favorite TV shows. Some shows are really nice about their season finales. They don't leave us hanging in suspense. I used to sit for about 10 minutes after a season finale still staring at the TV screen waiting for more and trying to absorb the fact that I'd have to wait four months to see what happens next.

USA Network has made that a little easier by having summer shows (Monk and Psych.) The other networks aren't as nice. They give us reality shows, which for the most part, I'm not fond of (I do like Biggest Loser.) So here are some links to peruse:

Here are the ones I'm looking forward to:
Sept 3, Wed - Bones, FOX
Sept 16, Tues - House, FOX: The Biggest Loser, NBC
Sept 18, Thurs - Supernatural, CW
Sept 22, Mon - Heroes, NBC
Sept 25, Thurs - Ugly Betty, ABC
Sept 29, Mon - Chuck, NBC
Oct 1, Wed - Pushing Daisies, ABC
Oct 3, Fri - Ghost Whisperer, CBS: Numb3rs, CBS
Oct 9, Thurs - CSI, CBS

My other favorites, Reaper, Lost, and Medium, won't be airing until WINTER! And sort of a spoiler...if you pay attention to entertainment news at all you will know that William Petersen is not returning to CSI after the 10th episode this new season. CBS is having 'replacement' talks. Though I don't think anyone could replace him. That's when the shows start going downhill.

Happy watching!


Bridget Smith said...

You're missing How I Met Your Mother... it's one of the funniest shows on television.

Try Eli Stone. It's quirky like Pushing Daises. I actually like it better.

The USA Network Show that have been fun to watch are In Plan Sight and Burn Notice. They are mindless summer fun.



PurpleNepenthe said...

Hey there!

I've watched Eli Stone once very early on. The episode was interesting, but it didn't get me hooked. Maybe I need to watch another now that the show is settled, eh?

B watches Burn Notice and MIL watches In Plain Sight. While I don't watch those shows by myself I do watch them with B and MIL. I think Burn Notice is growing on me.