Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chocolate: The Dark

I was reading somewhere on the Net that if you're a real chocoholic and a craving needs to be filled it can be done with less chocolate if it's dark. I'm a milk chocolate kind of gal, but I've been desperate. The last grocery shopping trip yielded Dove 63% Cacao Silky Smooth Extra Dark Chocolate Promises** and Ghirardelli Intense Dark Mint Bliss 60% Cacao.

Instinctively I refrigerated the Ghirardelli because of its reputation and have spent the last week giving in to my craving. Either the Net was right or I've learned some self control (yeah, right) because I still have both in my possession. There are 13 out of 20 Promises left and 3 out of 8 Mint Bliss squares.

So what are my impressions? First, I have to say that while Hershey is an American favorite, I can't enjoy it. I love the sugar and the chocolate, but it has an aftertaste. If I've eaten a better chocolate right before, I actually cringe. Second, in the chocolate review circles on the Net, Dove is not that highly ranked. I really shouldn't be comparing it to Ghirardelli (although there are some chocolate snobs out there who don't think it's that much better).

Dove has an intense dark chocolate taste on my milk chocolate tongue. Once you get past the initial slick coating it melts great but the chocolate doesn't linger. Five minutes after eating there was a woody, burnt taste on my tongue. In fairness, eating the Ghirardelli at the same time probably affected my tastebuds.

Ghirardelli, even cold from the fridge, had nearly instant contact melt. Once it didn't feel like an ice cube it settled into a nice minty chocolate taste. It melted all the way down to the nub and left a creamy chocolate taste. Again, it may not be fair that Dove didn't have another taste like mint, orange or raspberry to add to the chocolate taste.

While I won't shy away from Dark Dove at a party, I won't be buying it like I will Ghirardelli. Mint Bliss wins.

** No link available at Dove. :o(


j. said...

Lindt Dark chocolate truffles(blue wrapping or box). They come in balls or squares. There is also an Extra Dark(black wrapping or box). Both are wonderful!!

Bridget said...
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Bridget said...

What a fun experiment! Our Vons no longer stocks Ghiradelli :(. I always sneak my chocolate in the pantry when I'm stressed and teh kids aren't looking.


PurpleNepenthe said...

@ j - The dark chocolate truffles sound good. Anything with the word truffles does LOL

@ Bridget - I must be really bad, I don't hide when I need my chocolate! The kids get so much at the holidays that we have to freeze it. It's not my fault they don't remember that they have it! LOL

j. said...

My mother always grabs a bag of the extra dark at christmas from Ross and puts a gift card from there in the bottom of the bag. Darn I have to eat the whole bag and then go shopping for larger clothes(NOT)! But since the kids aren't dark chocolate fans I generally don't have to share.

I don't sneak it B even buys it when he notices I'm in a mood.


PurpleNepenthe said...

@J - that is sooo sneaky of your mom!

B is trying to be very conscious of my new health issues - so I'm sure he won't substitute chocolate for the usual flowers too often. Kudos to your DH!

BTW I have a great joke related to DHs. I'll email.