Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Miscellaneous: Crochet Two

I've got three projects going right now that have not been finished and another I want to start. This does not bode well for the end of my free time. One of my unfinished projects is a baby blanket for a friend. I felt bad that I didn't finish it before the little one came and avoided visiting because of it (where is the shame face?) Finally, I showed the mom my unfinished part and promised to get it done. Instead I made shame blankie, "I'm ashamed I didn't finish the original, here's a gift while you wait."
Baby Guilt Blankie
It turned out really well, took longer than I thought, and is made from a simple extra, extra large granny. I bought an "edges" book for B's mom and borrowed it for the project. The overall idea came from a blanket B's mom received as part of a gift raffle at the yearly family reunion. I know the creator doesn't read my blog, but a thank you goes to her for the idea.
Close up of edges

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j. said...

You are so talented! Whether you thought it was a shame gift or not, it's a beautiful blanket!
I love crocheted blankets...I still have one I received as a gift when I graduated from high school 21 years ago. We use it as a snuggly blanket in the living room during the winter months. My mom got me two storage ottomans last year and now my big stack of non matching blankets are hidden away when not in use.
Keep up the crocheting...being able to pass it on to one or both of your daughters will be important one day. There seems to be a resurgence of knitting and crocheting, at least around here. And we have some great yarn stores with nooks for people to sit and visit in while making their masterpieces. Another reason to come to visit! :)