Friday, May 9, 2008


The commercials are numerous. DTV (Digital Television) is coming and you'd better be prepared. I'm thinking, "Big whoop!" I can't remember the last time I watched a television with an antenna. Why am I seeing commercials about the change every two seconds a full year before the change over? There have to be maybe one or two people out there who would actually care that they will no longer be able to watch their TVs without a converter. Okay, I'm being obnoxious.

Apparently, there are people in big cities that use antennas. They are so close to the action, so to speak, that they don't need to have cable. Those people will be running around like CEOs without their Blackberries if they don't get a move on. The same can be said for those folks who value their PBS (only). There are a lot more people out there unprepared than I thought. Who knew?

The FCC is trying to help. I'm just wondering...if they don't watch television then how will they know? ;o)

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