Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Miscellaneous: Shoes

I am not a shoe person. I didn't know anything about Jimmy Choo's or Manolo Blahnik's (Are they already "out"?) until Sex in the City (Never watched it) took over the television. Even now, I couldn't tell a "famous" shoe from any other shoe out there. I don't have a shoe rack and I don't have several shoes for every color of the rainbow. I own black, brown, white, and navy to go with my black, brown, white, and navy wardrobe. If I'm lucky, I'll have a fancy pair and a casual pair of each color.

Mens Skechers 50553I'm also not that picky about my shoes. I buy them if they fit and because I wear them out on my job, I don't buy expensive ones that can get messed up easily or that require dry cleaning.

So B comes home after a 5 hour trip with three pairs of shoes. Keep in mind that when B shops it's like a thorough FBI investigation. Each piece of equipment, be it pots and pans or a DVR, gets the third degree. He has been looking for shoes for a long time. The picture on the right shows one of the pairs. They're Skechers.

Brown Skechers #21571I wouldn't have really paid attention to Skechers either except for a pretty recent trip to the store for more navy shoes (of which I've had a very difficult time finding, btw). Instead I found a pair of Skechers like the pair on the left. They felt heavenly on my feet. The sneaker-like bottom with the "pretty" shoe look made them perfect for work. I could wear mine with jeans on the weekend or with a skirt. They were on sale for $50. The last time I spend that amount of money on shoes...oh, wait, I've never spent that amount on money on shoes!

Blasted Navy SkechersCompared to all my other shoes, it was the best money I ever spent. However the pair wasn't without drawbacks. Note the small metal oval on the shoe's instep. On my well worn shoes the metal has turned sideways, increasing the length of the band and thus making the velcro off center. I've had to try all kinds of things to keep the metal from sliding.

So I'm not so keen on buying another, even though they have a *&^$% navy pair. For the first time though, I'm sold on a brand name.

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