Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Miscellaneous: Spelling and Grammar

I am by no means a perfect person when it comes to what I write. In fact, I have reposted simply because I've noticed an error and couldn't just leave it be. I could fault that to OCD, but I'd like to think it was because I want to look intelligent to those reading my posts. You know virtually nothing about me except for what I write. My writing needs to be decent.

Unfortunately, many in the rest of the world do not feel the same. I like to read what other people write. They wouldn't be posting on the Internet if they didn't feel that their opinions were worthy of being viewed. I really like to "hear" their opinions, but I won't bother if I can't read what they wrote.

Spelling and grammar on the Internet just doesn't seem that important anymore. Many are blaming that on the culture. Text messages and IMs have made people try to get their point across quickly instead of correctly. The idea is that this has crossed over to anything posted on the Internet and to any written work in general. Others have blamed the poor educational systems in place. Apparently, people never learned to write properly in the first place.

When I read material on the Internet I expect dropped letters, transposed letters, or a missing comma here and there. Not this:

people type quickly and rather than spelling error its a typing error. who cares about crammer live and let live we are all different might have a valued question but rubbish grammar how do you know their not dyslexic or something

actually using the computer has helped my grammar and spelling... my spelling and grammar skills are terrible... but through using things like word my spelling has improved alot cos you can right click and it will bring up the right spelling... and personally i always pay attention to how i spelt it wrong, and try and learn from that... and the same for bad grammar cos that underlines in green for me...

i dont agree wit you, i dont think people who mispell are stupid, are schools are the problem, there not teaching kids the was they posed too enymore, my dater gots a A four her since paper and it had allot ov mistakes, the school should of taut you how to spell, that dont mean YOUR stupid

Honestly, if I can't decode your writing then I won't read it. Then what is the point in posting if it won't get read?

What does this say about our future as educated individuals?
"Why the spelling and grammar on the Internet postings is so poor"
"Bad spelling 'puts of employers' "
"Online Posting, Misspelling in Ads Often Spells Cash"

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