Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Miscellaneous: Movies

I confess to being the biggest, oldest nerd wanting to see the final installment of the Harry Potter movie this summer. I, if you haven't read this in another post, am such a Potter book fan that I have a record of getting up a 6 am for Amazon book deliveries on release days. Not a big enough fan to wear costumes or ditch work, though. Overall, I think the films have done their best to convey information. There are always those little nagging things - ones where I think I could have portrayed something slightly differently so as to give more background or info. But I have no clue what they left on the cutting room floor.

So it's fairly easy to say automatically that I'll be watching certain films. It's quite another trying to figure out if something new is worth seeing. I usually make a decision based on reviews; newspaper, TV, and random bloggers. One film right now has me interested: Hanna. I'm a mini fan of Saoirse Ronan - she is the quintessential eager child. This movie will portray her much differently than I'm used to. It is a suspenseful thriller. The question will be theater or DVD?

This is also the summer of superheroes.Another X-Men, Thor, Captain America, and Green Lantern.
What about Cars and Pirates of the Caribbean?
I could go on...start here and branch out. What are you looking forward to?

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jo said...

Okay...wrote a novel and google lost it when I signed in...bummer
I think considering my annual Oscar Party I'm a bigger movie geek. ;-)
I too am looking forward to Harry Potter and have been seen, sans costume, at Harry Potter midnight release parties of both books and movies. This movie will be no exception...I'll even purchase the tickets days in advance and be there to stand in line 2 hours early so I can have first dibs on seating!
So much a movie fan that I've been the only person in the theater for showings of Black Swan, which really freaked me out in a good a way, and for The King's Speech, which not only was an exceptional movie but also a good history lesson that finally put some succession of the monarchy together for me.
I was delighted to see some other moviegoers last week in the showing of The Adjustment Bureau which dealt with "the plan" of life and left one wondering if we have "free will" or are our lives pre-determined?
This week I'll catch Limitless before it leaves theaters and since my daughter saw it with friends while I was in OR she won't be mad I went without her.
I usually make my movie decisions based on trailers in the theater or on DVD's. I'm a big Red Box fan. you'll know I'll be in more than a few of the upcoming movies on the list, so I'll keep you posted on reviews!LOL