Thursday, April 21, 2011

Miscellaneous: Chain Mail & Hoaxes

One can gather from my posts that I'm a Facebook user, and it is more than obvious that I must have an email account with the amount of blogging I do. So it would come as no surprise to any that I've gotten my share of chain mail and mailed hoaxes.

Some comes from a couple of superstitious or happy-go-lucky friends who either think they really work or have fun participating.Some comes from people (especially on Facebook) that don't have a clue that what they are posting is chain mail or a hoax. Those annoying "If you are... repost this." messages are the worst. Whatever it is, it's extremely annoying. Mostly because I can't risk blocking or filtering everything that comes from that person just to weed the annoying mess out.

Advice? (Not that you asked or anything)
Don't forward it if it's been going around. These >>>>>shouldn't be there. And you're required to foward it to several other people for it to work.
Don't bother if it says that someone on their deathbed will survive and/or receive money if you forward.
If you like the message, click "like" not copy/paste.
Check Snopes or some other hoax checker if you aren't sure.
Be a thoughtful poster and emailer! :)

Okay, end rant now.

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