Sunday, May 2, 2010

Books: Blood Game

I've posted about Iris Johansen before. Love her books and now B's mother has decided to read them too! Anyway, last I posted I was going to try to read Pandora's Daughter. I really liked it and continued on with Quicksand. The twist at the end of Quicksand had me fidgeting to see what happened next. Last night I tackled Blood Game, the next in the series. I got my questions answered and Johansen left another little hanger on the end as well as a peek at the next book (paperback).

Blood Game seemed a little wavy at the beginning, like fits and starts, but got better as the book went on. It still never amounted to the major page turning I expected when I read the previous two books. It had a lot of character development rather than action as things changed for them in this book. Still don't wish I hadn't read it ;)

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