Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Miscellaneous: Colorful Images

Colorful Images is a, well let's read what's under the name on the catalog: Unique Personalized Products, Stationery, Home Decor & Gifts. It's a company that does that. I started ordering labels from them almost 12 years ago. Never had a reason not to like them so I've stuck with them.

The labels have changed and become more fun, with interesting and pretty designs. I'm loving their circular address labels, and I tend to buy regular labels designed for the month of the year. I've also taken a liking to their book labels which I've personalized for my collection of children's books vs my mature books vs books I give away. Their iron-on clothing labels were great too. I put the family name on them so that the label didn't need to be changed on hand me downs. :) Oh, and business cards with my fun emails.

I haven't really purchased any of the kitschy (sp?) stuff. I did buy a piece of jewelry that represented my family, but my family changed so I gave it away. Lastly, I've ordered labels for friends when they've married, moved or just because. I'm sure there are other label companies out there, but I don't regularly get their catalogs. Check it out.

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