Saturday, May 29, 2010

TV: Cancelled! And my thoughts on Lost...

So this is it, the end of the TV season (well, not if you're a USA watcher ;) ). And the networks have filled their garbage bin with shows so they could go get new ones.

Shows that have served their time:
Law & Order
At the Movies
As the World Turns
Guiding Light

Shows that make me want to picket:

Show surprise:
Cold Case

Show disappointment:
Ghost Whisperer

Show farewells:
Ugly Betty

Check out your shows here.


So my thoughts on Lost...
I'm so sad! But let me get the whole saga straight. All the stuff on the island really happened. The people on the island needed something so they were chosen (if not chosen for Jacob then simply selected) to be on the island. They had such a learning experience that it was the most important and significant part of their lives. Because of that, when they all died (at whatever point in the timeline that happened to be) they agreed to meet together before moving to the afterlife. The "sideways" flash/jump was where they would hang out while they waited for everyone to be ready to move on. This is what I got from all that.


Let's say you agree with me ('cuz it makes the most sense). It would explain a lot. Like why wasn't Jacob in the church or Daniel - because they weren't part of the group, they didn't agree to meet with this particular set of people. Things that happened in the sideways world were what the "waiters" wanted it to be. If Sayid felt he couldn't get away from his mean side then he wouldn't. If John felt he was doomed to be paralyzed then he would be. I also think Jack was confused about what would really happen when Desmond went down into the light. He was still right. That was the only way to defeat Locke/Man in Black. Take away his power. Then when Locke/MiB (LOL) was dead, the power would need to be returned.

BTW, B still somewhat thinks the island was a kind of "hell." He thinks they were all dead when the airplane blew the first time. But how would they all have had the experience together and decide to be together? Hurley continued to be the newest Jacob with Ben as his #2 until Hurley passed it on. Jack died. The others, like Sawyer, Kate, and Miles, made it back to the mainland and continued their lives. But once they were all dead and floating around the sideways world where time doesn't really exist they all had to remember why they were there.

Okay, it all sounds completely reasonable, and I'm so glad they all found their loves ('cuz Sun and Jin deserved it). But I wasn't happy. I somehow expected more. I have no idea what I expected, but that wasn't quite it.

And hey, just how exactly was the smoke monster made?

Someone who agrees with


Britta, Webmistress of the Dark said...

I agree with you, and I thought it was obvious from the episode, so I'm still surprised so many people thought it meant the island experience was post-death/hell/purgatory.

I thought it was an emotionally satisfying ending, but personally I wanted at least a few more details answered (Jacob's brother's name? Why were the numbers all linked & at the lighthouse?) But I thought turning into the smoke monster was the "fate worse than death" their mother told them about. Desmond didn't turn into a smoke monster because he was immune to the electromagnetic forces, and when Jack went down the power was already off. Jack's body was still spit out the same way I wonder how the skeletons got down there? ;)

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

sad about flash forward, heroes, ugly betty and monk, but they were all pretty much ready to head out.

i think flash forward could have gotten another go though, perhaps.

PurpleNepenthe said...

@ Britta, I have another friend who is just starting to watch. She says she's confused. I was thinking, "It's just getting started!" LOL

@ Cheryl, I totally agree.