Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chocolate: Festivals

Honestly? I've been slacking. No chocolate that I haven't already posted about...double king size Snickers binge, gifted thick two layer chocolate cake (yes, it was delish), Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies, chocolate Fiber One bars, and a simple Hershey bar (though I haven't actually broken the wrapper on that one). So coming up with a suitable post has been difficult. Hey, it's not that I don't want chocolate - just haven't had the opportunity.

So I did a simple search for chocolate festivals. Turns out there are plenty! And one for my area has not yet happened. I absolutely can't wait and have added it to my schedule. Just for the record, West Virginia, Oregon, Virginia, Florida, and Illinois have already had one this year (look earlier next year).

You should check out the festival near you!


missKC027 said...

your making me hungry! hahaha love your blog!!
hope you could check and follow mine too!!

PurpleNepenthe said...

Thanks! From your blog I see you're a fashion diva :)

jo said...

While I was in Oregon w/my mom, I stopped in at the See's Candy store twice! The first trip I got a little bag of milk chocolate drops, two triple chocolate truffles, a peppermint Dark Chocolate and a Dark Chocolate Carmel. The mild chocolate drops reminded me of Kisses, but the best part was you could have something like 26 for 180 calories! I was in heaven!! My second stop came after a trip into Costco where I discovered they sell 2 lb gift certificates for $12.99 a lb instead of the $16.99 a lb it is in the store...on my way to the airport me last day I stopped and picked up 1 lb of assorted milk chocolates for the Family and 1 lb of dark chocolate assorted for me! YUMMY