Thursday, April 29, 2010

TV: Riverworld

It's the hubby's fault. He wanted to watch Syfy's 4 hour movie, Riverworld, because he had read the book and wanted to see how the movie would fare. So I watched it with him.

The book by Phillip Jose Farmer is about giving the human race a chance to prove themselves worthy of continuing some alien based cycle of creation. Humans are resurrected on Riverworld, a planet with a seemingly neverending river, and given a grail (a box that provides them with food, cloth, make-up, tobacco products, & hair care utensils). The grail functions at these stone mushrooms three times a day. They are necessary because there is no animal life with the exception of fish and no metals or ores. With nothing to worry about such as a variable temperature, old age (as they are all 25 years old), shelter, they have time to be introspective and use their better nature.

The movie is slightly different. The grail is a bracelet. There is metal. They were put there as a result of Earth's accidental destruction. And biggest of all, they are there fighting a war for groups of aliens called the Caretakers. The Salvationists believe that it is torture for the humans to be resurrected (and subject in both book and movie to becoming grail slaves for more powerful people) and a waste of time. The Second Chancers believe that this world is the preservation of a race of people that wouldn't exist otherwise. The two warring sides have chosen champions even though they are forbidden from interferring and interacting with humans. The Second Chancer champion is the star of the show.

It was interesting and makes me consider reading the books. My biggest reason for pointing out this movie is because B says they may make it a series. It might be interesting, too, but if I miss it, no big loss.

BTW, Sci Fi released a previous Riverworld movie, but I haven't seen that.

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