Wednesday, April 14, 2010

TV: Ugly Betty Ends

This is it.

I started this post a week ago after catching up with Ugly Betty OnDemand. Even through my hacking cough, I nearly had a coronary over what they've thrown into the episodes. I was actually only going to watch one when I started and watched three just to see Justin deal with his boyfriend! It was too cute!

Anyway as I write now, the last UGLY BETTY has aired. Let's have a moment of silence.


Now, what do I think? OMG! I knew that nothing was going to work out between Betty and Henry. I thought it was a little like getting poked with a stick and someone cackling at the other end. Let's not even get into that little Gio thing they threw at us before the finale. Oh, and as soon as Amanda started cooing with that older man, I knew he was her father. Loved that I got to see the handsome Grant Bowler again :) I even kinda saw that Wilhelmina was going to shed her inner b*tch.

Of course I got teary eyed when Betty had Daniel sign the release papers. Rewind, the beginning of the episode I was on hyper-alert when Daniel was getting those weird looks on his face. Then Claire started in on it...I KNEW he loved her. Rewind further, there was a lot of speculation about who Betty would end up with, many saying she should end up alone. I wanted her to be with Daniel, but thought it was too weird. Fast foward to the finale...

A promise of dinner was not enough. I wanted a full on kiss. Sigh. Goodbye



Cheryl Clarke said...

thanks for this post. i used to watch this show all the time, but i stopped. not exactly sure why, but it is still sad to see it go.

jo said...

I loved the last episode, but was left thinking at the end as the Ugly left the screen with only the Betty centered in the middle that it was the start to a spin off with Betty based in London as the head of the new magazine and Daniel there either as a love interest or as she teased, her assistant. What do you think?

PurpleNepenthe said...

That would be awesome! but I don't think that's going to happen :( However, I did see a section on UB wiki that they might do a movie. Both "Hilda" and "Betty" are up for it. That would be fun, I think!