Sunday, April 11, 2010

Miscellaneous: Quilting

B's family has these family reunions every year. One part of the reunion is to sell raffle tickets and gather money for the next reunion. People attending are expected to bring items to get raffled off. Back in '04 or '05 I'd gotten into making quilts, baby quilts. There was no way I could do all the complicated maneuvers required to make every corner match up, but I'd seen this product somewhere that could make quilting a breeze.


I completed two baby quilts using the same method as the review. It was quick and easy for someone who had never made a quilt before. (A real one, anyway. I'd made some other quilt-like baby blankets about 10 years ago.) The size of the interfacing is perfect for baby quilts.

Here's the bummer part. I thought sure I'd taken pictures of the quilts I made, one for the reunion that year and another for a friend, but I can't seem to find the pictures anywhere. If I find them or the people who received my quilts send me pictures, then I'll update. Otherwise I plan to make another baby quilt this summer.

If you've never quilted before, this material is the perfect starting point.


Cheryl Clarke said...

thanks for your wonderful comment on my blog post!

i had a great time at my wedding. :)

PurpleNepenthe said...

All the planning comes down to one single moment, you and hubby getting married. The journey up to the planning is what will make your marriage.

Best wishes to you two - very cute couple ♥