Monday, November 30, 2009

TV: Part Two

So I never did get back to everyone about the other shows I watch. Bones, Medium, Numb3rs, CSI and Dollhouse. Well, my last TV post covered Dollhouse. Let's take a moment of silence shall we?

Bones has been interesting. We've been waiting forever for Brennan and Booth to get together even though we know that it will ruin everything. Yet they've managed to get a step closer without getting anywhere near the two of them as a couple. They added a little sizzle with Angela and Wendell. Who saw that coming?

Medium is back to normal. Switching networks didn't do any damage. Sometimes...just sometimes I get a little heated when Joe doesn't take her visions seriously or understand how they work. Sometimes...just sometimes Allison overreacts to what she sees. But I'm happy - and of course that's what counts.

Numb3rs is still living the easy life, still being slightly irritating with the math bites (although they are different now. Yeah, I noticed that change), and still has Fleinhardt doing his weirdness. I'm sort of just waiting for the wedding. And I feel about the same with CSI. Seems like everyone is gone and they are just doing formula. At least I like trying to figure out who did what. They did change things up with the arc.

Oh, and I have to backtrack and say I was wrong about Gretchen - it was Becky. Gretchen still gives me the willies.

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