Friday, November 6, 2009

Chocolate: Snickers Fudge

I would like to say my nose led me through the aisles to find this chocolate bar, but that wasn't the case. Whatever, I'm pleased to have found it...Snickers Fudge. The packaging says it's limited edition but it was at the All Candy Expo at the beginning of summer and it had been scheduled for release in August.

A quarter inch layer of peanut butter nougat, a nearly half inch layer of "fudge" with peanuts, all covered with chocolate. At first I was somewhat disappointed in the number of nuts. I guess they figured that since it had peanut butter in the nougat then there didn't need to be many in the fudge. I love peanuts in my chocolate so I'm biased. After several bites the peanut taste was more distinct and I could really taste the fudge. I miss the caramel...I wonder what would happen to the bar with a layer of that?...but the bar is good all on its own.

Only two things would keep me from buying this again: it's price...I rarely just buy a candy bar and for someone who remembered 5 for a $1.00 signs, 50 cents is heartbreaking; and it's is apparently the smallest Snickers bar in the line.

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