Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Books: City of Bones

I realized my book post was coming up soon, but work was that I didn't get much time to read. Then I went on vacation. It was the perfect chance to read, but unfortunately I still lacked reading material. I grabbed City of Bones by Michael Connelly off of my MILs bookshelf and then forced myself to read. And I really did force.

I like books that I can't put down and I found myself putting down this book several times or simple getting distracted. The premise is one I usually like...detective gets a case that starts with the finding of the bones of a child. There's some personal angst and things that ruin the detective's focus. Eventually the murderer is found, and there's a few surprises that have nothing to do with the case.

I don't really know if it was the writing style, the mood of his books in general, or the overall flow of the book. It just wasn't what I enjoy. Maybe I would have felt differently if I had begun with the first book - this was the eighth. Regardless, I likely would not recommend this series to anyone, although many of the reviewers who are familiar with series really like it. Make your own decisions.

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