Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Men: Greg Vaughn

Name: Greg Vaughan (James Gregory Vaughan Jr.)
Best Known For: Actor, General Hospital
Year of Birth: 1973
Status: Married (Touriya Haoud)
Height: 6'
Fun Fact: He's another guitar player

I watched model turned actor Greg when he was on GH, and I was not impressed. Less so because he took the part previously held by Jonathan Jackson, who I felt played Lucky Spencer well. Suddenly Greg was playing the part with his boyish face and bulky muscles. It just wasn't right. Now that years have gone by he's grown into his muscles and the face isn't boyish anymore. He's such a handsome little devil. :)

But he also got married. C'est la vie.


Cheryl said...

you have great taste in men. the guys on your list are beautiful.

must stop drooling now :)


PurpleNepenthe said...

Felt I had to go back through all my Men posts and see what it looks like from the outside. Yup, they look real good! :)