Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Books: Cake Mix Creations

Taste of Home: Cake Mix Creations

I saw this book and after realizing that the reason "Cake Mix" was in the title was because these cakes aren't made from scratch, I just had to look through it. One of the things I liked immediately was the picture with each recipe. No guessing what the final creation should look like. And the pictures look good enough to eat.

The second thing I noticed was the that the table of contents included recipes for cookies, bars and other desserts. I already have my eye on a couple of the recipes because there are only a couple of other ingredients besides the cake mix. There's also at least 5 trifles - none containing alcohol - which is a big plus with me.

I am dying for an opportunity to bake one of these!

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jo said...

My SIL makes Lemon cake mix cookies that are to die for. Simply use a cube of butter and two eggs to the lemon cake mix and it's the perfect cookie mix.
Nice find!