Saturday, May 16, 2009

Miscellaneous: Gotcha!

The radio station I listen to has a feature in which they try to trap someone into admitting infidelity. Let me make this more clear. For example, a man calls the station and says he believes his girlfriend/wife is cheating. The host calls the unsuspecting girlfriend/wife while the man is on the phone and offers some kind of service. The girlfriend/wife is supposed to take the bait so the man can prove to the world that the girlfriend/wife is cheating.

Hmmmm. I don't know what to say. For many of the couples, a simple conversation would have sufficed. I would think it's embarrassing for the caller to find out the significant other chooses to send the fake item (that's usually how the station approaches the "cheater") to the caller. More than embarrassing, any trust that was in the relationship before is gone.

For other couples, I don't understand the need to confront the cheater through the show. I'm sure the intent is to shame the cheater, but the caller ends up looking like an idiot for calling the show to solve the problem. I think we're supposed to feel happy that the cheaters get caught. I just feel pity for the caller.

Of course, I could put my own head in the sand for listening. Hey, it's only a 5 minute part of my 15 minute drive to work. It isn't worth changing the channel. And I could probably devote my posts to more worthwhile irritants, like an online dating service that's specifically for adulterers.

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