Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chocolate: Fountain

Where is my head? I forgot about what I was posting and when. Mostly because this is the worst time of the year for my job. Too busy. So I really enjoyed the Mother's Day tea I attended. Clotted cream, cucumber sandwiches, and a variety of very tasty teas. Amongst the other foods was a chocolate fountain. I have several things I want to say about the fountain.

1. It is so cool! A mini waterfall of chocolate for dipping. I could have stuffed myself silly on the marshmallows and... well pretty much just the marshmallows.

2. That was a pro, this is a con. There is wasted chocolate when the fountainy goodness is over. While the bulk of the chocolate is fine, there is enough chocolate still left on the machinery to cause me dismay.

3. Here's a pro/con. I've really turned to the dark side. I only like semi-sweet on my marshmallows. This fountian had milk chocolate - Trader Joe's Belgian - and I still thought it was too sweet. Can you imagine?

There's my 2 cents.

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