Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chocolate: Frogs


I'm too afraid to eat it! Yes, I got a coveted chocolate frog from Universal's Islands of Adventure: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Afraid the heat of Florida would melt my frog, it was carefully carried in cool places all the way back home. The pretty blue and gold pentagonal package was a bit dented and my surprisingly large chocolate frog was missing a toe, but it's here!

And I can't ruin it. :( What I can say is that the toe tasted good. I expected something similar to that Hershey after taste, but there was none. The first ingredient is sugar so it was very sweet. Sooo, that's all I can tell you with such a small taste.

I have pictures however on the night before the fourth, and having spent an hour sending photos to family members, I'm not thrilled about looking at my camera. Instead I'm putting up a picture of me in front of Honeydukes. Of course you can't see me ;)

If only I could eat that chocolate frog...

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