Thursday, July 14, 2011

Books: Practically Perfect

First a little apology for not putting up a book post last round (or even a proper one in the last few months). I hadn't been doing any reading this summer which makes things difficult. So Tuesday I went to the library. Today is Friday and now I've read three of the books - which is a little slow, but so was the last book I read.

Practically Perfect, written by Kaite Fforde, is British story about Anna, an interior designer with some mad carpentry skills, who buys a house in this tiny town with the intention of flipping it. Several things happen to put her into a situation with two men.

My problem with the story was how slow and leisurely the story moved along. It was like taking a drive in Iowa. "Oh, there's another farm." "Lots of corn here." "That's a pretty little farmhouse." The only excitement is when suddenly there is a crossroad instead of a farm, but even in this book the surprise of seeing pavement after multiple rows of corn is really not all that surprising.

The Amazon reviewers came up with 3 1/2 stars, ranging from a fan of the author to one who felt Anna salvaging some stairs from a previous renovation makes her a thief. Me? I felt I might have given up if I hadn't wanted so badly to have something for a book post.

Side note: This post will move to it's proper spot after day or so :)

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