Friday, July 29, 2011

Books: Mike Gayle

The library I frequent has done some renovating and now is similar in organization to another branch (second on my list). They used to have separate sections for genres and now anything that is fiction is mixed up together. The plus is that when I need to find a book by an author I like I don't need to search in three different places if it crosses genres. The minus is that all the romance that used to be grouped together is now mixed in. I have to go row by row to try to find ones by authors I'm not familiar with.

So what has all that nonsense got to do with anything? Well, one, I can't seem to find any of the 250 page Mira's or Harlequin's as a quick read. I'm either misreading the sign about where they've moved to, the library chucked them and is lying to us, or they've all been checked out. Whatever the reason, I've had to walk down aisles trying to filter out the romance from the thriller, classics, and mysteries. Thus, two, I only seem to be able to find British romances!

To that end I'm writing about Mike Gayle, a freelance journalist and advice columnist and! Forgive me if I've written about him (or one of his stories before) as I noticed I've read one of his books in the past, possibly two, Dinner for Two and Mr. Commitment. The third is Turning Thirty and I haven't tackled it quite yet. Funny thing is that it's very cool to get a male perspective on relationships. He does a very nice job of portraying his characters in a way that is humorous and reasonable. I mean, I believe his male characters and still like them. Gayle has a few more books out there and I'm set to keep reading :)

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