Monday, March 7, 2011

Miscellaneous: Zuma

One of my favorite games to play these days is Zuma Blitz on Facebook. B bought me the regular Zuma game when playing it on Yahoo! Games started grating on my nerves. I played that game over and over again, winning and then playing the endless stream. The game involves a centered frog which spits out colored orbs. The goal is to hit similarly colored orbs that stream onto the screen and keep the string from spiralling down a chomping mouth (thus ending the game).

I hadn't played in a while because the game is on my desktop (what's that? LOL!) Then one of my FB friends found Zuma Blitz, all the same rules except you only have 60 seconds to hit orbs. You collect mojo which allows you to "purchase" extras that help you get more points.

So this is all an intro to the saga I'm about to tell you. This FB friend, hereafter known as FBF, is a gamer. He plays a lot of the FB games and admittedly (reluctantly) is much better than I am. Not only is he the geeky gamer playing things like WoW, he is extremely intelligent and can play a good game of Word Scramble (or other such games). Me? I only play two games, Bejewelled Blitz and Zuma Blitz. My Bejewelled game needs help. I feel lucky if I'm in the top 5 with those other friends of my that score 600, 000 to my 250,000. Yes, FBF can wipe the floor with me on that game.

Now Zuma, that's a different story. I am queen. Since it keeps a weekly top player list, I have to continually prove my prowess. Go back to the second week of February and I score my normal 500,000 points only to have FBF score 666,000. That should have been an omen. Anyway, I play my little fingers to the bone getting 722,000 only to have my Zuma freeze up and kill my score. :( I had to cripple my fingers this time trying to beat him with 748,000. Satisfied, I checked my status all weekend, succumbing to the need to play Minecraft (<--Even more of an addiction) on a Monday. Tuesday is when the winners are posted and the scoreboard clear. Of course, FBF clocks in on Monday night with 758,000 right before the board wipe. I find out Tuesday morning.

The things that came out of my mouth! LOL jk, I was dumbfounded though and only managed 428,000 before I left that morning. Spent the entire day at work figuring out how I was going to beat him. In the meantime we had a few words on our FB walls about how evil he was ;) Came home that night, really motivated. Wait for it....


Sweet! I threw down my glove and thought I'd won the battle for the week early. No such luck. He tried to get there with 848,000. I knew I wasn't going to last long, evil FBF. So I had to get better than my high score.

1,046,000 :o)

Stay tuned...


jo said...

You are QUEEN of Zuma in my friend circle! I know it's not enough for you though, because that same mentality works on me for Bejeweled. I usually post a pretty decent mid 400K score early in the week and check on it a couple times. When I find someone out did me I spend HOURS working until I put them away. I've been lucky only to lose out a few weeks in the past year.

PurpleNepenthe said...

LOL! When I only play two games and one I never get to the top... (I've got a friend who'd give you a run for the money - she's been above you in my friend circle for the past month.) So I'm probably going to maintain permanent vigil on my queen status ;)