Monday, March 28, 2011

Books: Yarn Trilogy

How to Knit a Wild Bikini is the first in a trilogy. By just saying it's a trilogy I'm potentially ruining a plot line, but I felt you had to know. Nikki is a chef who is scaling down from her work as a restaurant chef to become a private chef due to ACL damage to her knee. She is afraid of hospitals and the rehabilitation it will take so she doesn't want surgery yet. She finds a month long stint in the home of a confirmed bachelor and male magazine editor Jay. Obviously he won't be a bachelor much longer. It was a great read with sub plots.

Unravel Me focuses on Juliet who is a widow of a very respected older military man. His daughter is of course unhappy with the entire situation and isn't any happier when her father passes. During the time Juliet's husband was ill, another trusted military man, Noah, was asked by the husband to watch over his wife. Of course Noah falls in love with Juliet.

Dirty Sexy Knitting follows Cassandra, a yarn store owner. She is a central character in all three books. Her story is darker as she has deep feelings for Gabe, her landlord and a man mired in guilt and self-loathing. So the story is about how her connection with him pulls him out of it. There is more going on with Cassandra, but it is part of the three story arc. I enjoyed all three books! Different feel for each and great fluff :)

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