Saturday, March 19, 2011

Men: Sad Face

I tried, really I did. There aren't any hot guys out there to tap into for my latest post. I know - total disappointment. Maybe I haven't found the right shows to watch. Maybe the in thing is to have male models who look like teenaged boys. Maybe not watching sports has come back to bite me in the... Well, it just comes down to not having any man to post this time. And I'm sad.

Now that doesn't mean there weren't some guys out there with abs I would gladly wash my clothes on for long periods of time. It doesn't mean there weren't several pairs of gorgeous eyes. There were some really tight tushies out there too. But none with the complete package.

Not a fan of:

Kellan Lutz
James Franco
Eric Bana
Christian Bale
Brendan Fraser
Jake Gyllenhaal
Robert Pattinson
Shia LeBeouf
Taylor Lautner

I need some suggestions! What are you watching that I'm not?


Oh to Be a Muse said...

i agree with some of the guys on your list, but some others i totally am a fan of! :)

what about that guy from White Collar? his name is Matthew Bomer. i haven't watched his show at all, but i saw him on the Oscars and i think he's gorgeous--especially his eyes.

check him out!

PurpleNepenthe said...

Which ones did you like?

I agree about Bomer, I posted about him here: :)