Saturday, January 1, 2011


Shiny and new. These are my hopes are for 2011. Last year was a bust. A year ago today I was suffering from a sever case of strep throat. I ended up on a heavy duty antibiotic (because the normal meds wouldn't have been strong enough O.o). Two months later I was fighting a cold that turned into whooping cough. It is better known as the 100 day cough...and it was. The coughing didn't stop until the end of June. My doctor misdiagnosed me which s*cked! I ended up with pleurisy and on 800mg of Ibuprofen. That stuff numbs ya. I wrenched my shoulder and didn't know until I was off the meds. By the end of summer I was sleeping on one side of my body because my sinuses were plugging up me ears at night. In the fall I was the victim of the common cold twice. A relief, right? But the sinus thing was getting worse. I've just finished the last round of meds to help clear that up.

So, yeah. I want lots of shiny and new. Shiny new health included.

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