Wednesday, November 10, 2010

TV: &^%$@ Cable

This problem has been annoying for some time now (and it doesn't help that B likes to watch things in HD.) It makes me so mad that it happens only when we really want to watch something. What is it? It's the visual on the TV skipping, freezing, jumping, and "blocking."

Sometimes it just sits there frozen while the sound continues to run. Other times there's no sound, but the picture is jumping and "blocking" (making cubes or rectangles of color) across the faces. It happened a lot when I wanted to watch Lost - you know, when it was getting good. I'm ranting now because my Amber Tamblyn episode of House is messed up.

Is it Fox? Is it HD? Is it Comcast? I don't know, but they really need to get this mess fixed!

Done ranting now.

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