Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chocolate: Nestle Tollhouse Cookie-Brownie Delight

We bought the mix in a moment of weakness.

1. I didn't follow all of the directions the way I should have, not beating the butter for the cookie dough. So we didn't quite like the way the cookie tasted when it was baked. Was that due to my mistake or what?

2. I made the batch in my 9x13 glass dish. Most of the time I make brownies I cook them until they're done. Just a few days later they are too dry and crumbly. So maybe my second mistake was not cooking them longer.

3. It bothers me that a search of their site doesn't bring up any Cookie-Brownie Delight. What? Am I blind now? Or worse, they are so scared of their product they can't put it on their website. Where is that customer service number...

4. Taste? Oh, yeah. It tastes okay, but there wasn't anything spectacular about them. The brownie part tasted good, but the cookie wasn't quite right. Like they manipulated the recipe to make the cookie and brownie more compatible, but ruined the taste.

5. The box comes in packs of two. So...I'm going to make the cookie part correctly, use muffin cups for more even cooking, and cross my fingers.


Miss K. said...

Hi there. I'm trying to find the toll house cookie-brownie kit..

can you please tell me where you got yours?

PurpleNepenthe said...

We bought it at a Sam's Club, but I haven't seen them since last year :( Sorry!

Miss K. said...

Thanks anyway..

Suzie said...

I found them at Target...was going to try making mini muffins. Sorry, I was doing a search, to see if I could find some tips on mini cups. I was directed to this blog. =)