Saturday, November 13, 2010

Books: Do Me, Do My Roots

In a way Do Me, Do My Roots reminded me of Marshmallows for Breakfast. There's enough drama and stuff going on (maybe it was a little more busy), but there was a difference that made me enjoy Do Me more. It had a happy ending.

Emily and her two sisters have a hair dyeing get together every two weeks. They are close and share a lot of things together, working out the kinks of their relationships. She is still getting over the death of her husband while her sisters are trying to find their perfect matches. All of them seem to be failing in that regard, but the author, Eileen Rendahl, throws some drama their way.

I've thought about giving my books ratings as I move through them, but unless they were superb or horrible I don't vary much. So I'll just say Amazon reviewers did not give this book any 1- or 2-star ratings. :)

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