Tuesday, July 13, 2010

TV: Eureka and Warehouse 13

Both of these shows premiered for the summer in the last week or so. Season 4 of Eureka and Season 2 of Warehouse 13. I've been waiting to see what happens!

Eureka was planning some show with historical costumes and such. There was no cliffhanger left from last season to really worry about. I was worried anyway because I hate historical books, and my preference doesn't change much when it comes to TV. But they did a decent job. Cute. Straight to the heart of what is Eureka. The only part that threw me was the ending. Since I'm not going to spoil it for you, let's just say some things ended nicely and some didn't. I'm not sure I want them to fix it.

Friday 9/8c Syfy

The commercials leading up to the premiere for Warehouse 13 were very funny. There was a massive cliffhanger from season 1 in which everything fell into place just like I thought within the first ten minutes of the show. The interaction between Pete and Myka was pretty much the same except that Pete's snark seemed a little too snarky. Heh, he oversnarked. I also was worried about Leena, and I shouldn't have been.

Tuesday 9/8c Syfy

Click on the links to their websites (above) to watch the episodes online.


Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

i saw the commercials for warehouse 13, but i had never heard of the show. i may not even have the channel. but it's interesting to read that someone watches it--i thought it was a new show.


PurpleNepenthe said...

It took the first 5 episodes of the first season for me to like it, so it wasn't an instant hit like another show I'll be mentioning in my next TV post. The show is decent.