Monday, July 19, 2010

Chocolate: Chocolate Covered Peeps

I was worried about this when I heard about it here although the purple color was fascinating. I was worried about the sugary coating. How would that fit with the chocolate? Anyway, B's mother surprised us with some Choco Peeps and I was able to sink my teeth into one.

Mine was yellow with milk chocolate coating. It was flat and not upright like the chicks at Easter. Mine was cracked, leaking slightly gooey goo, and sticking to the wrapper. I bit into it and... it was basically a chocolate covered marshmallow. There was no hint of lemon, but I'd have to try the others to make sure I wasn't just overwhelmed with the experience. I think they changed the composition of the Peep to make it work. Which is just fine by me, btw. Chocolate covered marshmallows are the best :)

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