Monday, March 15, 2010

TV: Tosh.0

Heavens! This show is crazy.

And I try very hard not to, but I laugh. Well, sometimes.

Tosh.0 is a show on Comedy Central featuring comedian Daniel Tosh who spends the half hour making sarcastic remarks about all manner of media, TV, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

The last time I watched he had a montage of popping, twisting, milking, glass, and missing eyeballs. Yes, eyes.

He has this special part of his segment called Web Redemption in which people with epic FAILS on YouTube (and other media) get to redeem themselves. Do you remember the 7 year old who took a joyride in his grandmother's SUV? Tosh gives him a chance to tell the world he knows the difference between right and wrong in his Web Redemption.

Last, but not least (and forever burned into my retinas) is his 7 Hardest Things To Watch We've Shown on Tosh.0. Someone helps someone else with the zit on his back at #7. WARNING! It is extrEmely hard to watch. I decided that I couldn't watch #6-#1.

The things I watch for my hubby.


jo said...

I've got one of those stories, but it wasn't a zit, it was a serious festering mass on his back that my husband had been enduring while he was out to sea for months. When he came home for our wedding, while on the honeymoon I placed some hot packs on it...lets just say that it worked very well and the mirror in the suite was probably a bit nasty for the maid to clean up.

PurpleNepenthe said...

Did you watch it? OMG, it was disgusting! I would imagine from your description that your husband's was much the same. The woman in the video used a scalpel like knife (can't recall what those things are called) to cut with. Eeeew!