Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Men: Gorgeous Men of Facebook

Ha, ha, ha, ha...hee, hee...ah, ahem.

Sorry, but when I first came across this place I thought it was a major joke. The Gorgeous Men of Facebook info page says,
"This is a group for handsome men who like to publish their pics on FB and for us women who enjoy appreciating them."
I immediately wondered what nuts would think they were God's gift and put up their pictures. However, the site was created by a woman, and there are mostly women admins, so... well, I decided it might be interesting.

Back up a minute... I've been worried about finding more men that suit my tastes, and spent HOURS, really hours looking for a new man for my men post. I never would have found this Facebook site if I hadn't.

Okay, so I looked through the pictures and I have to say there are some pretty hot bods in there, about 50%. And of that 50%, the bods were way better than the faces ;) But there are those of you who have a completely different taste than mine, and this is the perfect opportunity for you to ogle.

Besides, I found someone for my next men post... hee hee.

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Cheryl Clarke said...! i've never heard of this before now. i can't wait to see who you post on here from the fb page. for the most part, i'd say we agree on attractive faces...excited!