Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Men: John Morris

There are no pictures on the net to do this guy justice. I watched him play in this year's winter olympics...he spoke, he moved, he yelled, he smiled, he gave a thumbs up,...he winked at the camera. Be still my beating heart. What a nice, tall cutie!

So I'll give you a photo I took of my TV.

Name: John Morris
Best Known For: Canadian Curler
Year of Birth: 1978
Status: Single
Height: 6'2"
Fun Fact: In real life? Firefighter :)


Oh to be a Muse said...

oh, those curlers. beautiful eyes.

check out my blog for your blog award.


PurpleNepenthe said...

Thank you! :)♥

And I got a real close up shot of those eyes!

jo said...

WOW, Those are fantastic eyes.