Saturday, December 12, 2009

Miscellaneous: Free Range Kids

I came across this article at work, and while I can't share the article here I can share some links that refer to it. So what was it about? It was about how much we protect our children...overprotect. Kids are no longer allowed to do things we used to do as kids because of all the dangers in society today. While I agree that we need to become a little more vigilant, I don't think we are doing our kids any favors if we hover too much.

My kids attend a school that is not only nut free, but fish free. I'm not supposed to send my kids to school with tuna on the off chance that it should make its way into an allergy prone mouth. Don't get me wrong - I completely understand the dangers of allergies. But I've noticed that there is a higher percentage of kids allergic in schools in affluent areas - areas in which parents often have more time and money to protect their kids from every known danger. I think keeping our kids from playing in the dirt because of germ phobia has made our kids unable to handle allergens.

Well anyway, stuff to think about. Here's your links:
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jo said...

This is priceless. I'm one of those parents who feels that each child has their own time and maturity for being on their own. What my daughter did at 9 or 10, my son will likely be a couple years older before he's ready for the same. At 10 my daughter was watching my son for an hour or so after school before one of us parents was back home, but at 10 my son isn't permitted to be home more than 30 min alone because that's about all he manages before calling someone's cell phone wondering where we are.
I've also never been a hovering parent when they are playing games or reading books or on the computer...the computer is in a common room and I know the passwords to the websites they frequent and have set up parental controls that I trust for each of them. I believe that kids should be taught to entertain themselves and at some point even feed themselves and have instituted a couple nights a week when there is neither left overs or a meal on the table so that they learn to fin for themselves.
I could really get into the Free Range Kid's blog if only I could get my neighbor's chickens to quit ranging at my house!LOL

PurpleNepenthe said...

I know, huh?! :)