Friday, December 18, 2009

Books: Barbie and the Beast

I am so thankful to be reading again! My actual last read was Robb's Promises in Death. Mentioned the series before and it has, in fact, been all I have been able to read since summer.

Well, except for now... I just read a book by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom called Barbie and the Beast. Girl falls for boy who is a werewolf. Of course if you've read any of my posts I've demonstrated an affinity for the supernatural. The back of the book was intriguing. The premise is good...conflict for her is that she hears her biological clock ticking and can't seem to find a good boy and conflict for him is that he can't seem to find the right girl except that his issue is being a werewolf.

I liked the banter, but the lack of immediate action and prolific word use was daunting. We didn't get to where they see each other clearly (and not under cover of the moonless night) until about page 90 and the date this happens in doesn't end until page 152. That is a loooong date. The reviews were divided, some liked it and some felt the way I did. Read at your own risk.

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