Thursday, December 3, 2009

Books: How Babies Are Made

The topic of the birds and the bees has come up in conversation with several people I know. Questions and did you find out? How is it being taught in school? When did you teach your kids?

The B and I have always told our kids the truth. That doesn't mean we don't use funny words to describe private parts and such, but we also use the real words. And, much to my chagrin, the kids have picked up quite a bit from watching the TV shows we do or listening to the music we like. We have always been clear about explaining what they hear or see.

But since the topic had been coming up lately (and I've been neglecting my posting duties) I decided to share with you the book that I use with my kids. How Babies Are Made. It was a book I picked up while on the hunt for cheap pregnancy books at the Good Will stores. I thought it was cute and appropriate then. I've found it extremely helpful now. You can check out the reviews at Amazon from the link. They are nearly all positive.

The copy I have was printed in 1968, but many of the reviewers have indicated no change in the 1980's version. It starts with how flowers are made and progresses through animals and then to humans. The pictures are not realistically graphic as they are created with cut paper, but they are very accurate and non threatening. I read it to A when she was nearing the end of third grade. She was already experiencing body changes and I wanted her to know why.

M is a little different in that she sees how her sister is developing. She just saw me take the book off the shelf.

Her: When did Abby read that book?
Me: In third grade. (pause) Did you want to read it?
Her: Maybe, yeah. But can I read it by myself?

I think she's ready.

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