Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Books: The Broken Window

Tied up in work and holidays, I haven't had much time to read. I'm hoping to get caught up on that during the holidays. Anyway, I did manage to read The Broken Window, one of Jeffery Deaver's books featuring Lincoln Rhyme. I've mentioned this author and character before.

I'm usually fit to be tied while reading all the twists and turns at the end of the story. While this one had a few tricks up its sleeve, it wasn't with the "jaw drop" I usually associate with Rhyme books. I've actually seen someone complaining about his end of book weirdness, so maybe he's trying to please his fans.

What actually had me floored was the basis for his book. Data mining. The murderer in the book used it to frame others for his crimes. It was really quite frightening.

Still I liked all the detective work and trying to figure out who the killer was. You might too.

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