Monday, December 1, 2008


That time of the year again. Ignore the fact that your decorations weren't up at midnight on Thanksgiving. Get those Christmas cards out and don't forget anyone because you know they'll remember the slight next year. Peruse several recipes to decide which ones to cook or take with you on whatever date the party falls on. Don't forget the white elephant gift. While you're at it, beg for or demand emphatically those Christmas lists. Brave the horrible crowds at the stores or order online early. Avoid shopping for yourself, but remember that you need a Christmas outfit to wear. And for the folks like me, take deep breaths and relax even though this is a high stress period at work.

I get one wonderful perk this month that will make everything else worth while. I still have the parties, gifts, and cards, but I will not have to put up decorations this year. That itself will make New Year's truly a happy one.

Happy Birthday B!

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jo said...

No decorations? How did that work out? Lucky you!LOL I'm trying to surprise family, so I kind of have to put some up so that know one knows what we're up to.