Sunday, June 26, 2011

TV: What Killed Me...

The end of the TV season coincides with a very stressful time period at work. I have done everything I can to move projects around just so I could enjoy the finales, but to no avail. So here it is a whole month later and I'm finally getting around to my impressions. Here's my take:


First on some shows I don't watch unless another family member is...
Dr. Who: Figured out as soon as River said "He finds out who I am." I knew.
Castle: He says he loves her?
Justified: Now what. She's dead. They're almost all dead. Is Dickie going to be one angry little revenge seeker? No one else saw the handshake you know.

And then my favs...

House: I knew something was up with all the previews being so dramatic so I wasn't as surprised that House would do something whacked out. The driving the car into the house was a little "Whoa," but that he ended up where he did - not so much. Though I'm definitely curious as to what the team is going to be doing come fall.

Chuck: I really thought they'd leave us hanging with Sarah on her deathbed, but that would have been so obvious, right? So instead we have to wonder what the heck they're going to do with Morgan. I mean the show is called "Chuck." That the dynamic duo owns the BuyMore and will run their own organization also not much of a surprise.

Fringe: More shocking was how they made the two worlds coexist on Fringe. I loved how they made it so the worlds didn't have to be destroyed. Really didn't expect Peter to just wink out of existence. So does Fauxlivia still have a baby? Why do Walter and Walternate hate each other if there was no Peter? More questions...

Bones: O M G! I wasn't expecting that until the moment before she opened her mouth. B even said, "That isn't right. You can't know that fast can you?" The answer is yes, but it was still unexpected. I was even thrown off by Booth's reaction - I expected a shocked look not a smile. Can't wait until premieres. This is the one that killed me.

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