Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Miscellaneous: Barbie Craze

A & M love the Barbies. A probably wouldn't win any friends if they knew she still played with them, but I remember playing with them when I was her age. The two like to play with them like they're a family, school & work. There's no overblown drama about Barbie's figure and how it doesn't portray a normal looking female, she's just a mom who rocks her little baby Barbie to sleep and goes to work in the morning.

When they're playing and the Barbies are working, A & M like to go to work themselves. They will pretend to be teachers or get on the computer. When the family goes to the movies, they are suddenly lined up on the sofa watching something on TV.

Ah, those days.

This was brought to my attention lately 1) because they've been playing every weekend and 2)because someone posted something on Facebook about Tuesday Taylor. Remember her? She's the one whose head top swiveled so you could get blonde or brunette. Mine was suntan and could get tan lines wearing a white bikini and a swirly orange coverup.

I still have her.

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Oh to Be a Muse said...

i had a lot of barbies growing up but never a Tuesday Taylor. they should totally bring her back--instant hair coloring? sounds awesome!