Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TV: The Fall 2011 Shows

Check here first, then see what I said :)

My only disappointment was losing No Ordinary Family. While it wasn't as breathtaking as Heroes during its first season, it was holding my attention. I don't watch anything else on ABC

All I care about is CSI (the original), and that show seems to be holding up.

I'm beginning to sound repetitive, only one show and it's Supernatural, which is amazingly staying for another season.

While I despise their news program, they have more shows I watch than the others. American Idol (during auditions), American Dad (when I stay up with B), Bones, Family Guy (with B), Fringe (W00t), and House (though Cuddy will be gone next season). I'm sorry we'll be losing Lie to Me. :(

The Biggest Loser and Chuck (final season :( ) are sticking around. NBC didn't cancel anything I want to see.

So where are all my favorite shows? Syfy. Figures!


Oh to Be a Muse said...

it's so crazy. i don't watch most of these shows. but i do love Bones...and sorry Lie to Me is going away. I did like that whenever I was able to catch it. too bad about No Ordinary Family as well. But that does remind me how amazing season 1 of Heroes was!

jo said...

I've been watching Chuck...through my brother's house. As it happens the last few years I've had to go to his place in OR for medical stuff with my folks and they seem to save the Chuck Series on their DVR which then means when I come home I record or watch online the remainder of the season. Looking forward to next season!
I also got sucked into the EVENT while I was there earlier this year. Didn't check to see if it'll be back next year or not. But it does capture my attention and make me keep watching week after week. I also started watching Chicago Code because I like the actors that are in it. Hoping it'll be back too at some point next year.